2wd Carrier Bearing

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2wd Carrier Bearing

Postby cmann250 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:27 am

cmann250 wrote:I found part number 6038 from O'Reilly's is what I needed. Advance has it too, under the same part number, but its more expensive there.

1.5748" inside diameter is for a diesel, 1.378" ID is for a gasser. It didn't make any difference if I specified diesel, 1 ton, whatever, I couldn't get AutoZone or NAPA to give me the right part online. Calling would do no good around these parts :roll:

Don't make my mistake :lol:

PToombs wrote:There is a number problem in a lot of the parts places. It lists the right bearing, but it's the smaller one. Caleb is correct, you need to make sure you get the 1.57" ID bearing not the 1.37 one.
I got the correct one the last time I changed mine in the fall of '10. Carquest number B-HB99107A. I googled it and got 2 hits off chevy forums about the wrong size. There is another number they used, HB88508A for the 1.57 bearing.
I added this info and numbers to help anybody in the future, if the search works. ;)
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Re: 2wd Carrier Bearing

Postby bgilbert » Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:13 pm

Spicer part number is 210866-1X. http://www.drivetrainamerica.com/p-4989 ... aring.aspx

On edit, another one that works for our trucks is Spicer 210140-1X. I've used it in my crew cab. It's a different design, but still shares the same bearing ID as the 210866-1x. It costs more, so maybe it's a heavier duty unit?
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