OD Case Carnage

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OD Case Carnage

Postby skylar827_7 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:15 pm

Well I made a post on here a while back about my OD case being cracked (studs in the t-case rattled out and other nuts were loose) So, i then went on and bought a used OD case off of Ebay, and I had Suncoast assemble it for me (I don't have a press for the OD spring) while looking at the clutches everything seemed to be good. While I was fiddling around with the tranny I figured, "what could it hurt?" I went ahead and took the vb out and put in a transgo, adjusted bands checked out everything seemed to look OK, i also bumped up the line pressure. I'm no expert by any means, the guys down SC are are really cool with questions though.

Upon putting the VB back in and the new OD unit back in I had no reverse so i took it back out and had SC go through the vb and checked my work and I actually forgot a spring but that was not the cause of the no reverse. I proceeded to put the VB back in and drove around with no reverse for about 2 months and I started to see a drip drip from the trans and it was hard to tell where it was actually coming from but it looked like the pan so I put a new gasket on and it was still dripping. Next I thought it was the gasket that goes between the OD housing and the main case but I put a fresh one on when I had just installed the OD unit but anyway I started to take the OD unit back off again and I didn't even have to take all the bolts off the OD housing before I started to realize that it was cracked, and pieces of it started to fall to the ground with a soul crushing clank hitting the floor.

http://i1060.photobucket.com/albums/t45 ... 1nm5kq.jpg

Just wanted to share this, maybe I tightened the bolts too tight on the housing (kinda hard to torque all of the bolts but i did loctite them), driveline vibrations, my motor mounts look like a typical 20 year old truck but there aint any chunks missing from them, I figure I would have more problems if the mounts were bad. Binding universal? OD piston support/intermediate shaft/reverse sprag? Really leaning towards a 47/48 cause i'd need new driveshafts anyway for that. Im gonna be out of the country for 6 or 7 months so the truck will be sitting like it is until I get back.
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Re: OD Case Carnage

Postby ellis93 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:43 am

I'd be eyeing my rear shafts u joints hard. That is what causes the housings flang to crack 99% of the time. I have had two of them off of 24v trucks crack in the last month,one truck is on my lift now.

Also...fwiw, you don't need to fool with the spring in the od unit when swapping housings.
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