I need a stock 46RH V-Body Seperater Plate!!!

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I need a stock 46RH V-Body Seperater Plate!!!

Postby Collers9640 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:12 pm

Does anyone happen to have a stock Valve body separate plate for the A518/46RH. Maybe left over from switching to a transgo one or some other Shift Kit. Iā€™m in the process of rebuilding a 46RH I got in a trade and when I tour down the valve body to install a sonnax zip kit I found someone has drilled like a 5/16 hole where the
1 to 2 upShift is I bet I would slam like crazy if I left it that way.
Anyway if anyone has a separator plate they no longer need I would greatly appreciated.
Thanks Matt
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